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The tooth formula of the genus is I -f- C -J- Pm ^- M ^-J-y. The
additional lower molar seems to "be exceptional, and has been found
in one specimen only.

In the alimentary tract the most remarkable structure is the
large intestine, which is very capacious for the first 28 inches 01
so of its course. This section of the colon is lined with rugae
precisely like those which are found in the caecum. These folds
which at first are some twelve in number, fuse lower down, anc
by the time that the colon approaches the external orifice are
reduced to five. Similar folds, as already stated, occur in the
caecum, but do not extend as far as its blind end. The caecuir
is proportionately and actually larger than in any other Marsupial
The gall-bladder is unusually elongated.

The Koala is mainly crepuscular or nocturnal in its habits. 11
feeds so exclusively upon the leaves of the gum-tree (JEu

FIG. 70.—Koala.     PJiascoZarctos cinereus.

that it  is  impossible  to  keep  the  creature long  in captivity ii
lands where that particular kind of food is not available.
The female, though she seems to bear but a single young one
which is carried on. the back after the fashion of some Opossums
has two nipples. The animal's slow habits seem to require *
nocturnal and retired life. It is about as. lethargic as tin
Sloth, and it is said to further resemble that animal in clingin|
firmly to a branch even after it is sliot.